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Care of the Felts.

To remove dust, clean with the small flathead of a vacuum cleaner, slowly and with out rubbing, and with the least suction. Frequency of this depends on how quickly they pick up dust: perhaps every two or three months?

 When eventually they need cleaning after a few years, please contact me. If possible l would like to take on the first cleaning and subsequent re-hanging...

 When it is necessary to take down the Felts for the purpose of cleaning, or of painting the walls, please follow these rules. First obtain CLEAN polythene: three pieces somewhat larger than the felts, and a cardboard carpet tube (reject from a carpet shop) a few inches longer than the longest vertical. Lay each felt FACE DOWN on the polythene and remove the hanging bars. Roll the widest felt first on to the tube, CLEANING THE POLYTHENE WITH A CLOTH AS 1T ROLLS IN, otherwise dust and bits are introduced. Tape the join and roll on the next Felts in the same way, narrowest one last. If storing for some time seal the join of polythene and tape poly bags over the ends of the cylinder. Keep the hanging bars with the roll. Store horizontally rather than vertically.



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